Earth & Environment

Insightful Geotechnical and Materials Engineering solutions

As Geotechnical and Materials Engineering leaders in our community, we are committed to providing value, and playing an integral role in the success of our client’s projects. We are unique – in our readiness and commitment to provide engineering through quality and innovation, and through our philosophy to find simple and elegant solutions to complex engineering challenges.

Our Geotechnical and Materials engineering practice is provided by Conquest Engineering; a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBCL.





Insightful Environmental solutions

Healthy communities rely on a healthy environment to thrive, so we prioritize environmental and sustainability objectives in every project we perform. Our world-class environmental team offers a comprehensive suite of environmental services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our experts focus on providing efficient and innovative solutions. We understand the importance of environmentally sustainable and responsible projects and have the expertise necessary to facilitate our clients’ success.

Our valued relationships with our clients and community are the product of our collaborative and interactive approach to the delivery of our engineering and environmental consulting services. CBCL believes that only through true collaboration among all project participants can we produce truly innovative, practical, sustainable, and cost-effective design solutions.


  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Environmental science and regulatory services
  • Environmental engineering services