CBCL Safety Policy

The health and safety of our employees is the first priority for CBCL Limited. It is our intent to promote a safe environment in conjunction with contractors, clients, and visitors when and where required. Accordingly, CBCL Limited adheres to a safety policy that is guided by the following objectives.

  • To promote a positive approach to safety as part of an overall work ethic with the goal of attaining an accident free work place.
  • To promote and monitor the company Behavior Based Safety Program.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and codes of practice
  • To provide ongoing safety education and relevant safety training courses to all employees.
  • To maintain staff safety training records and safety statistics
  • To provide necessary Personal Protective Equipment and instructions for its use and care.
  • To educate employees to recognize their responsibility for adherence to all aspects of the safety program and compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

CBCL Limited’s Safety Program

CBCL’s commitment to a comprehensive safety program reinforces our stand that every employee must return home healthy at the end of each day. The core components of CBCL Limited’s safety program are:

  • Company Safety Rules
  • Assignment of Responsibility
  • Employee Rights
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Safety Program Verification

In addition to these core components, CBCL Limited’s safety program addresses inspection processes, PPE specifications, equipment and tool maintenance processes, safe work practices, training requirements, incident reporting, JOHSC requirements, alcohol and drug policy, and workplace violence and harassment policy.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

CBCL’s Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program is an approach to job safety designed to prevent incidents before they develop, through a proactive initiative from both employees and Management. The Company’s BBS program consists of tools designed to encourage managers and employees to complete an effective risk analysis before launching into an activity. The tools are simple and are founded on the belief that a low risk tolerance and a mind engaged on the task will eliminate all accidents/incidents.

One of the most important components of CBCL’s BBS System is the Stop and Think Mental Exercise. This activity ensures that our employees continuously observe, assess, and control risks before beginning or resuming work.

Safety Program Verification

CBCL Limited recognizes that adherence to its internal safety rules and compliance to the requirements contained in the regulations under the respective provincial occupational health and safety acts is integral to the success of its health and safety program. As such Senior Company executives and managers take a leading role in the Company’s safety program and take the necessary steps to confirm that they themselves and their employees are actually following the Company’s safety program, procedures and practices.

CBCL has a Certificate of Recognition from the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and a WCB Safety Certified accreditation obtained through HSE-Integrated. Both are third party verifications of our safety program.