Water and Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

CBCL Limited provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater engineering problems for a wide range of clients.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

CBCL Limited has a longstanding and successful track record in the field of water and wastewater treatment including extensive experience in water treatment plant design, project management and construction administration.  

Water Transmission and Distribution

We have considerable experience in water supply, distribution and pumping projects. In particular, CBCL staff are considered to be the leaders in Atlantic Canada in water infrastructure master planning and in the design of water transmission mains and water storage reservoirs. Municipal Department staff members have extensive experience in conducting hydraulic analyses and computer modelling of water distribution systems. CBCL staff have been heavily involved in water distribution system physical condition assessments, water servicing studies, pre-design and in the detailed design of water distribution system piping, water booster stations, pressure reducing stations, flow metering chambers, backflow prevention facilities and water intake structures, and in the provision of construction related services.  

Water Resources and Hydrology

Water resources engineers are commonly faced with one of two problems: excess water or water as a scarce resource. To resolve this, the principles of Hydrology and Hydraulics are used to ensure either a sufficient water supply or to avoid damage caused by erosion or flooding. CBCL staff are highly experienced in the water resources field and utilize innovative computer simulation models such as OTTHYMO and HEC-RAS to assist them in their work. Stormwater and drainage control, floodplain delineation and hydraulic and hydrologic analyses compose the variety of projects completed by CBCL staff on a regular basis. End results produced include stormwater management plans, floodplain mapping, and the design of hydraulic structures, such as dams and reservoirs.  

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