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Water Resources

Protecting and managing our water resources is an ever growing area of concern as changes in climate, combined with impacts of development, cause water shortages or flooding that threaten public safety. Fortunately, scientific knowledge in water related fields, from ecosystem science to hydrodynamic modelling, is constantly evolving, as is society and governments' awareness of the sensitivity of these issues. CBCL Limited's dedicated water resources engineers, scientists and hydrogeologists are trained in surface and groundwater resources planning, management, analysis and engineering. CBCL's successful project record ensures that our experts deliver sound, innovative and sustainable solutions to today's water resource challenges.

Services delivered by the Water Resources Group include:

Designing for Sustainability
Stormwater Management
\ Flood Risk Assessment and Floodline Delineation
Flood Mitigation and Protection Assessments
Wastewater Infrastructure Management

We specialize in:

Engineering solutions that enhance ecosystems
Hydrologic and hydraulic analyzes
Stormwater management plans
Sustainable Best Management Practices (BMP) and
Low Impact Development (LID) design
Floodline delineation
Flood mitigation studies and design
River and coastal erosion and sedimentation analyzes
Ecosystem friendly erosion protection design
Wave height analysis
Design of coastal protection structures
Design of hydraulic structures
Fish passage, fishway design and fish habitat restoration
Low flow and yield assessments
Receiving water quality studies
Benthic and biota analyzes
Inflow and infiltration studies
Wastewater management studies
Wastewater infrastructure design
Assessing water quality as well as water quantity

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Water Resources


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