Transporation & Bridges

Transportation & Traffic Studies

CBCL Limited undertakes site transportation and traffic studies in support of various forms of urban development. These studies are carried out using such tools as the Quick Response II software, Syncho SimTraffic 6.0, the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip and Parking Generation Manuals, Canadian Signal Warrant Procedures Manual (TAC), the MUTCD, etc.

Services Provided

Access operations and signals warrants

Parking demand and layout

Site access evaluation and optimization

Pedestrian/vehicular signage

Preliminary site assessment and transportation capacity assessment

Site access location, design, and implications for off-site improvements

Intersection capacity analysis

Traffic and transit trip generation and distribution patterns

Access management technique application

Speed management

Roadway and intersection lighting

Transit management

Recent Transportation and Traffic Studies

Marine Atlantic Traffic Management Study, North Sydney, NS, and Port aux Basques, NL

Downtown Middleton Traffic Analysis, Middleton, NS

Niobe Gate Traffic Study, Halifax, NS

Trunk 4 – Sydney to Glace Bay Highway Corridor Study, Sydney, NS

Trunk 3 – Corridor Access Management Study, Tantallon, NS

Halifax Port Authority

Alexander Keith’s Brewery Development Traffic Impact Study, Halifax, NS

Halifax Regional Municipality Traffic Calming Gateway Study, Halifax, NS

Mumford Transit Terminal Traffic Assessment, Halifax, NS

Halifax International Airport Authority Traffic Study, Halifax County, NS

Wright Avenue Extension and Interchange Preliminary Location and Design Study, Halifax County, NS

Burnside Intersection Performance Evaluations

Cornwallis Call Centre Traffic Impact Study

Sackville Bus Rapid Transit Terminal Traffic Impact Study, Lower Sackville, NS


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