Municipal Services


CBCL Limited has provided municipal design services since it began operations in 1955. While it has grown significantly since then and now offers a much wider range of consulting, it remains true to its roots and continues to provide the highest quality service to municipalities, provincial and federal government departments, private land developers, contractors, industrial parks, and a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

Since many of CBCL Limited’s Municipal Services projects eventually result in the construction of municipal infrastructure works, we provide related on-site construction inspection services. These services generally involve full time inspection of construction as it proceeds through to project completion, to ensure that the constructed works are built as per the design drawings and specifications. By providing these services, CBCL protects the interests of its clients by ensuring that construction is of the highest possible quality and is constructed as intended. CBCL’s construction inspectors are highly skilled and vastly experienced. In addition, we have developed and instituted formal construction monitoring and contract administration procedures that help minimize contract extras and keep construction costs on budget.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are quickly becoming an integral part of the technologies utilized in developing solutions to a wide variety of Municipal engineering projects. This technology is a valuable tool in assisting decision makers in such matters as the siting of new facilities and planning of new subdivisions. CBCL Limited staff utilizes GIS and GPS technology in conjunction with computer software such as Autodesk’s Civil 3D, MapInfo, and ArcInfo to aid in making the design process efficient and cost-effective for our clients.


Explore our extensive experience and expertise in the area of Muncipal Services:

Wastewater and Storm Collection Systems
Subdivisions, Site Services and Land Development


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