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General Corporate information about Inuit Canadian Consultants Limited (ICCL)


ICCL Inuit Canadian Consultants Limited (ICCL) was formed in 2006 with intention to provide consultancy services to the Nunatsiavut Government and coastal communities of Labrador. ICCL is an Inuit partnership company between Russell McNeill and CBCL Limited.

Russell McNeill is a Nunatsiavut Beneficiary who was born and raised in North West River. Russell was also raised on the North Coast as his parents are from Island Harbour in the Bay of Islands, Nunatsiavut. He has been involved in building maintenance, construction, supervision and services aspects throughout his career. His previous experience includes 30 years working in the health sector for the International Grenfell Health Association. Amongst his many roles within this organization, he completed job training in all maintenance / trades and took on project co-coordinator in various construction projects including the new hospital in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. His responsibilities also included maintenance supervisor for the new hospital and all the coastal clinics. In 2002, Russell joined Labrador Inuit Health Commission as property manager. As the Inuit land Claims Agreement was finalized and Nunatsiavut Government was formed he was appointed Property Manager and Project Manager for all of Nunatsiavut Government, through it's Department of Nunatsiavut Affairs. Russell retired from Nunatsiavut Government in February 2009 with a vast knowledge of the Labrador Coast & Nunatsiavut and its people. Upon his retirement, Russell accepted a position with ICCL as the Inuit Partner and Sr. Project Manager. In keeping with Russell's passion for this land, it's people, and the traditions, he has also taken on seasonal positions with the Provincial Government Dept of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs as trail inspector for all communities that are not linked by highways and is involved with the rerouting and improvement of winter snowmobile trail. Mr. McNeill's mix of experience give him a unique perspective on the challenges and requirements of providing engineering guidance to ensure these remote communities prosper.

Since 2002, CBCL Limited has maintained a presence on the Labrador scene through its Happy Valley-Goose Bay office. The firm maintains another office in the province at St. John's. The staff of these offices is comprised entirely of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Engineering assistance and staff provided by CBCL to ICCL is coordinated and based out of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay office.

Inuit Canadian
Consultants Limited

P.O. Box 1989, Stn "B"
350 Hamilton River Rd
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
A0P 1E0

Tel: (709) 896-6026
Fax: (709) 896-9708


List of Engineering Services Available

While the entire depth of ICCL may not be immediately apparent, the partner company CBCL has been providing quality engineering services throughout Atlantic Canada for over 50 years. With staff of over 300 professional engineers, technologists, environmental scientists and support staff, CBCL has developed into one of the largest multidiscipline consulting firms in Atlantic Canada. The company is owned and managed by its senior employees. It is this depth and breath that enables ICCL to provide professional consulting services in the following wide range of engineering disciplines:

Civil, Site Development
Landscape Architecture
Marine Structures/Port Development
Environmental Science
Environmental Assessment and Remediation
Solid Waste Management
Project Management and Planning
Industrial Processing, (eg. Fish Plants, Materials Handling, Mining)
Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems
Mining Infrastructure
Instrumentation and Controls

Relevant Project Experience

The past decade has been a period of solid growth in Labrador for the partner company, CBCL. CBCL has completed projects for a variety of clients in most regions of Labrador, including Lab West, Central, Lake Melville, South Coast and of course the North Coast. Specifically, the Department of Health and Social Affairs (formerly the Labrador Inuit Health Commission) has been a valued client. We have recently completed a new 54 child daycare and 4-unit apartment complex in Nain,a 4 unit apartment complex in Hopedale, daycare renovations in Makkovik, and renovations to the Saputjivik Treatment Centre in Northwest River.

We also have experience in fuel tank replacement and remediation in Nain, Hopedale and Makkovik. In 2007, ICCL was appointed as engineering consultant to design and oversee construction of the new Legislative Assembly Building for Nunatsiavut Government in Hopedale. We have completed several projects for clients such as Labrador School Board and Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation throughout the communities of Makkovik, Cartwright, Nain, Rigolet, Hopedale, Postville, Natuashish and Northwest River.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe that the Government of Nunatsiavut and ICCL can mutually benefit from the planned growth of this new land. ICCL is committed to involving Inuit resources in the projects which it undertakes. This means hiring additional staff as need arises.

We envision that growth may take the form of additional full time technical people hired into our Happy Valley-Goose Bay office, or part-time persons with the specific technical skill sets hired for project duties such as inspections services in each of the north coast communities. Our experience has been that individuals from the coast are most likely to want to stay on the coast long term. Furthermore, the experience gained by these individuals through our projects will directly equate back to strengthen the very communities in which they reside. For example, these experienced individuals may choose to move forward and become maintenance managers or building managers for the Nunatsiavut Government within these communities.

d Offer of Services

In closing, we offer ICCL as a consultant company dedicated to growth in Northern Coastal Labrador. We look forward to opportunities to provide engineering services to the Government of Nunatsiavut and its related communities and lands. Should you require additional information or wish to speak to a representative about project specific opportunities, please contact us.


Jack Caines, P.Eng., Senior Project Manager

Russell McNeill, Partner


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