Site Analysis and Planning

Site analysis is the key to a well-designed project. Careful and complete analysis of a site and its surrounding context can lead to better development proposals, smoother design implementation and, ultimately, higher quality built environments.

CBCL Limited conducts site analyses as a pre-design activity which focuses on the existing, imminent and potential conditions on and around a project site. It is, in a sense, an inventory of all the opportunities, constraints, issues and their interaction at the property where a project may be built.

The major role of site analysis is to inform all involved about a site prior to beginning a design concept so that the early thinking about a development can incorporate meaningful responses to external conditions.

Our site plans are the outcome of a thorough site analysis resulting in a context-sensitive articulation of streets, buildings and all other elements. When articulating site plans, CBCL Limited continuously strives to manipulate the landscape in harmony with the essential character of the land.

Our site analysis and planning process typically involves the following steps:

Site identification, evaluation, and selection

Site inventories of physical, biological, and cultural attributes

Land use suitability analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Concept planning and design development

Graphic communication with clients, government agencies, and other stakeholders

By and large, proposals for carefully sited projects receive faster approvals and permitting, improved marketability and optimal rental and sales premiums.


Recent Site Analysis Work

Aquatic Research Centre Feasibility Study, Corner Brook

Debert Airport Opportunities Analysis

Canal Greenway Master Plan

Stellarton Park Business Plan

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