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CBCL Limited operates one of the largest structural engineering departments in Atlantic Canada. The department is comprised of 14 structural engineers, half of whom have over twenty years design consulting experience, supported by a team of eight CAD technicians.

Structural Design Expertise

Commercial Buildings (Apartment, Office and Retail Buildings)

Institutional Buildings (Educational and Healthcare Facilities)

Transportation Structures (Highway and Railway Bridge Structures)

Marine Structures (Wharves, Piers and Docking Facilities)

Industrial Structures (Production and Warehouse Facilities, Piping Supports, Conveyor Structures)

Civil Engineering Structures (Water Control Structures, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants)

Major Structural Construction Systems Experience

As a consequence of offering structural engineering design services in this broad range of structural projects, CBCL Limited has considerable experience in all the major structural construction systems, including:

Foundation Design (Conventional Shallow Foundations and Deep Piled Foundations)

Retaining Wall Systems (Permanent and Temporary Earth Retaining Elements)

Reinforced Concrete (Conventional and Pre-Stressed Concrete Elements)

Precast Concrete (Structural Components and Non-Structural Cladding Elements)

Structural Steel (Building, Bridges and Industrial Structures)

Masonry Structures (Load Bearing Masonry and Wall Systems)

Timber Structures (Wood Framing for Buildings, Marine Structures)

An inherent part of the structural design services offered by CBCL Limited is the ability to develop economical and practical structural design solutions. This is achieved through a combination of in-depth design and construction experience and the use of advanced structural analysis techniques. The Department utilizes structural analysis programs such as STAAD III, S- Frame and P-Frame in combination with specialized design software such as ADOSS (concrete flat slab systems) and in-house developed design programs / procedures.

Investigations, Rehabilitation and Repair

CBCL Limited has extensive experience in the area of structural repair and rehabilitation. Past projects include concrete repairs and restoration, foundation underpinning and/or replacement, masonry façade stabilization and repair and major concrete deck and bridge beam replacement projects. CBCL has also undertaken extensive structural investigations and assessment work particularly in connection with buildings with open web steel joists.

Ability to Handle Challenging Problems

CBCL Limited structural department is recognized by it's clients as having the ability and experience required to tackle the more difficult and challenging structural engineering problems and to respond to those problems with practical and economical design solutions.






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