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The Civil/Municipal Department at CBCL Limited provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for municipal engineering problems for a wide range of clients. These client groups include municipalities, provincial and federal government departments, private land developers, contractors, industrial parks, and a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

Municipal Design Expertise

Industrial and Business Parks
Land Development and Site Services
Geographic Information Systems

In addition, the multidiscipline resources of CBCL Limited are also available to provide specialized support to projects undertaken by the Municipal Department.

The Civil/Municipal Department employs senior professionals who are specialists in each of the group's areas of expertise. Intermediate and junior engineers, technicians, CAD operators and clerical staff support these key personnel. The Civil/Municipal Department makes extensive use of the latest computer hardware and software technology to enhance the efficiency and technical skills of its personnel. The scope of services offered by the department includes: municipal servicing studies and assessments, preliminary and detailed engineering design, project management, construction tender document preparation, construction tendering, construction contract administration, and on-site construction inspection.

Collection Systems

CBCL's Municipal design team has in-depth experience in all aspects of municipal collection and pumping systems. With regard to gravity systems, we have conducted pre-design servicing studies (including wastewater characterization and flow gauging studies); inflow and infiltration studies; wastewater collection system condition assessments; pipe material selection analyses; as well as pre-design, detailed design and construction related activities. We have also provided similar services for pumping station projects and have conducted numerous pumping station inflow/outflow investigations and pump selection analyses.

Land Development and Site Services

In a multi-disciplinary team approach, the Civil/Municipal Department provides site servicing support services for various building projects managed by other CBCL departments. These services provide for water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer servicing to individual commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. The Civil/Municipal Department also provides design services for site grading, roadway access to building sites and parking lot design services. These services have typically been provided for conventional engineering projects, but we have also recently provided these services on a variety of design-build projects.

Industrial and Business Parks

CBCL Limited has been involved in the planning, design and construction of several of the largest and most successful industrial parks in Atlantic Canada, the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth being the most notable. Planning, design and construction for this project began in the mid-1960's and continues to this day. All aspects of municipal engineering services were involved in this project from the very first sod turning to the most recent stretch of pavement

Contract Administration and Inspection

CBCL Limited provides construction contract administration and on-site inspection services for many of the municipal engineering projects undertaken by the firm. Our Field Services Group includes a senior construction manager and five construction inspection technicians. Services offered include full-time inspection, progress payment certificates, system testing and commissioning, project certification, record drawings, and operations and maintenance manuals.


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