Our Most Valued Asset – Our Employees

We contend that the future success of CBCL is largely dependent upon the skills and abilities that are developed within our employee workforce and we also acknowledge that the technical side of our business is ever evolving and as such, we continue to significantly invest in our staff. We feel strongly that continuous training is important to our employees to develop the skills and expertise they need in order to be leaders in their respective fields.

While the foundation for developing our next group of leaders is based upon training and development, CBCL recognizes there is a need to go even further. As such, we firmly believe in building strong supportive relationships with the educational institutions that will also be providing us with the future leaders of our company. This is accomplished through contributing to development funds, scholarship programs, co-op placement programs and speaking and teaching engagements. CBCL has yearly scholarship programs in place with three Atlantic Canadian universities that offer Engineering programs. We regularly hire co-op students throughout our offices and many of these students have gone on to be hired as full-time employees as well upon graduation.

Employer of Choice

One of CBCL's primary strengths as an employer is that we are a local and employee owned firm, a vanishing commodity within our industry. This setting fosters an environment with open communication and the opportunity for employees to experience a true sense of achievement in the work they produce.

CBCL is committed to the integration of social, economic and environmental concerns in all aspects of our operation. We strive to develop and implement practical engineering solutions that respect the current social and environmental impacts, as well as future implications of our designs and economic realities of our clients. We are very proud to be an acknowledged leader in the provision of engineering, environmental planning, analytical studies and design services in Atlantic Canada and beyond. With over 55 years of service to our communities, we have established an enviable record of excellence in project management, design and project implementation when it comes to the application of sustainable design practices.

We are proud of the many employer awards and recognition that we have received and continue to receive. Many of these acknowledgements come as a direct result of the positive responses from our employees to the satisfaction they have in their careers and daily office lives.

Your Career awaits you

A career at CBCL is not just a job, rather it is an opportunity to participate in a company that respects and values its employees, believes in continuous education and motivates its "next group of leaders" to be proud of their accomplishments in their communities.


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