CBCL's mechanical team works closely with our Architectural partners to create building systems that are efficient, healthy, reliable and economic. It's these HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems that create the comfortable and healthy environment for building occupants. We bring past experiences to new project situations and work to identify and analyze project specific challenges and find optimal solutions.

Whether its design services for large new construction projects like the Halifax Central Library, or system upgrades in existing buildings; we approach every project with technical creativity and leave each situation better than we found it. We continuously update our skills to keep abreast of the ever advancing technologies and improvements in system controllability.

We design HVAC, Plumbing, fire protection and control systems and we provide added value through specialty services such as; commissioning, energy simulation, renewable energy systems, LEED Consulting, Energy Code Compliance, building fa├žade thermal performance, passive ventilation systems, energy audits and retrofits.


Commissioning of building systems involves; ensuring that the designed systems meet owner objectives, ensuring technical specifications document responsibilities, and functional testing to document that the building systems are operating in accordance with their design intent.

CBCL's team of mechanical and electrical engineers have experience in the design and construction of building mechanical and electrical systems as well as the various components of commissioning these systems. We have developed standard procedures for testing that properly document both problems with system operations, and systems that are functioning correctly. This documentation provides a resource for building owners for later troubleshooting as it sets a benchmark of performance at the time of project completion.

   Queens Hospital
   Halifax Central Library
   Medical Examiners Facility












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